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1942 Ford Pickup Truck

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Scooter’s Truck Stop
1942 Ford Pickup Truck
By Scott “Scooter” Strenzel

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1942 FORD

A while back Rick Schuh and his 19-year-old son, Andrew, was riding with him in his work truck and they stopped at this little bar/restaurant to grab a couple of cheeseburgers. Sitting outside was this old beat up Ford farm truck. Rick’s 19-year-old son, Andrew, was telling his dad that that old truck was interesting to him. And, if it could be bought, would dad give him pointers of what and how to get the things done that would get it to the vision young Andrew was seeing. After all, dad had owned a few vintage rides a short while back. They found out who owned it and made the deal to have it be Andrew’s project.

I met Andrew in Altoona, PA when I was covering the Blair County AACA Take a Kid to a Car Show last June.

As Andrew and his dad got it home, they realized they had this nice little 302 Ford V-8 hooked up to a CJ-5 automatic OD transmission that would fit in there without too much serious fabrication. Plus, Andrew is working to be a welder, so he was up for anything that would get his ride to highway speeds on his 19-year-old budget. So, the wrenches began to fly as the old engine and transmission was removed. It’s still running the stock Banjo rear end with a change in the works real soon.

Andrew also did a complete change from a 6-volt system to a modern 12-volt setup, and also a new radiator, a new transmission cooler, and a cool floor shifter. And, he just had to have a set of duals to be the way an old V-8 truck should be. He’s running radials that are wide whitewalls, red rims with trim rings and those ever-cool baby moon hubcaps. The interior and exterior has red and white pinstriping done by a friend named Jack White. Andrew and his dad did the new flat black paint job after a lot of elbow grease. The custom grill is made of some flat aluminum stock bars they had laying around, and they look nice. Andrew is a member of the Blair County AACA and attends cruise-ins and car shows as often as he can.