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Lead Scene East
By Video Bob

Due to the economy & rising fuel prices I noticed that participation numbers were down at many of the car show events we attended this past year. After looking into the situation we found that this was caused by an affliction called “lackacash.”

Further investigation revealed that when a person contracts lackacash, the 1st instinct is to slow down & re-evaluate their movements. This is followed shortly thereafter by switching to “survival mode” which consists of cutting back on
some of the luxuries that they may have in their lives. Unfortunately, when one goes into survival mode it creates a domino effect that not only affects their lives but the lives of others down the line.

After some extensive research Video Bob, along with assistance from the Oakside Community Park board, has found a “Cure” for lackacash. For more information on this new found cure, which has been dubbed “morecash,” go to www.leadsceneeast.com. For those interested in the cure they must register in person on June 10th or 11th at the office of the Oakside Community Park in Gettysburg/Biglerville PA. The only requirement, other than the $25 registration fee, is you must transport yourself there in a “non stock” vehicle.

In severe cases of lackacash, one can sign in early Thursday afternoon (June 9th) at which time you will receive a complimentary meal courtesy of the Oakside Community Park. The lackacash cure itself is a 2 1/2 day process that begins early Friday morning. Throughout the day 100’s of other “cure seekers” will be on the grounds taking part in an array of games, contests & cruising that
will end with a Friday night Sock Hop at the Hilton.

Early Saturday morning 100’s of “non stock” vehicles decked out in candy & pearls will again descend on Oakside Park to compete for one of the lackacash cures” that will be given away on Sunday morning. Like Friday, throughout the day there will be games, contests, cruising, etc. with Big Cam & the Lifters closing the doors around midnight. For the spectators who may be suffering from lackacash, a $50 injection of “morecash” will be given to some lucky person every hour between 12 noon and 4 on both Friday & Saturday.

Sunday morning many will forego “sleeping in” so they can attend Lead Scene East’s Final Awards ceremony where nearly $2500 in cash and prizes will be given out. If you have yet to register for your chance at winning a “lackacash cure” we urge you to do so NOW at www.leadsceneeast.com. Hope to see you all in Gettysburg in June.

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Originally posted on Thursday, April 21st, 2011 at 2:05 pm
Category:  Auto Round-Up News

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