Mopar Six Pack Fair Price

Mopar Six Pack Fair Price by Greg Zyla

Q: What is a fair price to pay for a “six-pack,” three two-barrel setup, for my 440 Dodge R/T? Everything I see is very expensive, so how about your professional advice? I’m looking for a complete unit, with air cleaner and linkage. Thanks, Greg. I love your article. Bill M., email from Kentucky.

A: Bill, I would expect to pay a premium for this setup because the Six Pack units are no longer in production. There are two distinct manifolds that were OEM items. One was an aluminum intake supplied by Edelbrock and then, when the demand was so great and Edelbrock could only supply so many aluminum intakes, Chrysler produced a cast iron intake as standard equipment. Both go for about $1,500, complete. If it were me, I’d hope to snag one of the aluminum intake kits, because they are much lighter than the cast iron. If you want to piece one together, you’ll spend about $250 for the aluminum intake and about $300 each for the Holley carbs. Add the air cleaner assembly and linkage, and you’ll be at $1,500. I’ve seen them cheaper, but many units needed some work. Good luck.

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Originally posted on Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 at 3:39 pm
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