Vintage Motorcycles Part 9

Vintage Motorcycles Part 9

More on those little putt putts!

Harv & I are settin here with a chewy rawhide bone, (Harv, not me), and we went to the Cushman Motor Scooter web site. More facts to show, there really are rideable vintage scooters out there to be had within our budget range. Get this, a 1964 Cushman 8-hp Highlander in red & very good condition. It was restored 4 years ago, asking $1500 . Then a 1962 Highlander with white walls, excellent, but only a 5-hp rebuilt motor and ready for $2150 obo! Next, a 1957 Road King 8-hp & very nice, it said. Also, mechanically excellent at an asking price of $2500! These babies are cool and ride ready! You just gotta go to the site and see just what they look like.

Then in a separate bunch of ads we found a pair of rideable Sears Allstate 1966 Cruiseaire (Vespa style), Scooters. One is really decent. The other is cosmetically challenged and has no title. The asking price for the pair is $950! These bubble rear fendered scooters are easy to find parts for thru the Vespa site. Then we found a 1969 restored Sears 250 CC cycle (White brand name), with an extra non running, but complete parts 1968 parts bike for $1000! The road ready one is red with chrome fenders and sharp! The point Harvey and I are trying to get at here is: this part of the old “anything” hobby is easy and low $$$$$$ to get into. None of these bikes or scooters required deep mechanical or paint work. Just being checked out mechanically, oil changes, spark plugs, maybe tires, a battery & some chrome polish. Then you simply find out just what accessories are made for your model, and install them. After that you can get “scootin”!

Ok, kids of all ages, we’ve concluded this part of the vast vintage hobby brought about by the internal combustion engine.

Wholly butch wax! It’s been a few years now! Over those years of Scooters Garage, lets lightly recap. We’ve hopefully given novices knowledge enough to find, fix, and cruise in to the hobby and did this all within our $2500-$3000 purchased and DONE budget!

The types of vehicles we covered, in case you missed a series were:
1. Stock “squeaker” cars . 40’s to 70’s
2. Mild customs. older and newer.
3. Vintage look drag cars.
4. Old trucks, stock and modified.
5. Marque cars, I.E. Brand name cars.
6. Foreign cars.
7. Rat Rods! The newest THING!
8. Vintage cycles & Scooters.

Here at SCOOTER’S GARAGE we have more ideas and subjects that we hope will be of interest and motivate some of you out there to begin the cruise! Your suggestions are welcome at Scooters E-mail! The garage is, “32 Deuce coupe-ed?” or as Brian, Carl, Dennis, Al and Mike sang: SHUT DOWN!


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